Wouldn’t you like to work for Google??

Wouldn’t you like to work for Google??

Fortune Magazine released its 11th annual list of the “Best Companies to Work For.” I actually covered the results for my job, but I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy reading these kinds of articles.

Google again secured the top spot and for many reasons. The California-based Internet search engine firm prides itself on a number of unique qualities. Besides access to free onsite gourmet meals, free medical care, free transportation from train stations to worksites, subsidized exercise classes, onsite laundry facilities and onsite oil changes (you know, the obvious things companies should offer – ha), some highlights for this year included a $1,000 credit toward the purchase of a hybrid or electric car and a discount program for California residents who install solar panels in their homes.

On this list of the 100 best firms on Fortune’s list, only 21 offered free health insurance to employees. I know free insurance is a thing of the past. One should be so grateful to even be covered under an employer at all! Workers in 29 agencies had access to onsite child care. What gets me is that there are some really great companies, like Google, out there. Then there are some not so great companies. We’ve come to expect that less is more in society. Sad I suppose.

Here’s the complete list if anyone is interested:

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