Birthday Shout Out

Birthday Shout Out

Today is Roid’s 30th birthday! For those who don’t know Roid, he was one of my five roommates that I lived with when I first moved to Phoenix in 2000. Roid now lives in Boston. He claims I followed him here. Clearly not the case.

This is a big year for Roid. He is getting married in July and is planning to move to Louisville (pronounced Loo-ville for those who don’t want to get the smack-down from Roid). I’m especially excited for Roid’s wedding. This means the former roommates (and their significant others) get to reunite, which we don’t get to do often. We just saw each other at QuietMouse’s wedding in Indianapolis in December. We did a pretty bang-up job there (see pictures below: Roid and Mouth attacking QuietMouse; Caliente, Roid’s WTB, Roid and J in the background). Around 9pm, QuietMouse’s mother told the bar to stop serving us. She eventually rescinded the request, as we convinced her that some of us were indeed sober and that even without the alcohol, we are that wild. QuietMouse’s mom really does like us; she was just concerned for our safety, rightfully so.

Getting back to Roid’s wedding. He is nearly the last one of us to get married (we gave up guessing when Mouth and NHBound will get hitched). Roid found a fantastic match for a partner. The wedding will be a blast because we are all together. No, really, we make the party. We’ve gotten pretty good at our wedding routines. In 2006, of course J and I had our wedding in NJ, then again in AZ. And Caliente married theFr in Ohio a month before us. It will always be a work-in-progress, but we do our Thriller routine, Basketball, jump rope and other various crazy stunts. Last time, we attempted, but failed, to do our “It’s Gonna be Me” dance. Who knows what Roid’s wedding will bring?

So happy 30th old man!!!

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