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Happy Leap Year!!

Apparently there are only 200,000 people in this world with a birthday on Feb. 29! I don’t think I ever knew anyone with that bday until now. A big shout more »

I have my popcorn ready to go

After watching the Oscars last night, I realized how few movies we ever see. We often see a preview of something we want to see, but it never happens. And more »

Igloo-making and dressing like 1920s ganstas … aren’t those normal weekend activities?

J and I have a history of trying news things. Isn’t that what life is about? So this weekend was no exception. It started with our attempt to build an more »

Fernando clearly should not drive in NH during the winter

Fernando, my car, has problems driving around these wintry roads in NH. First, there was my encounter with the snowbank on the highway after some Masshole tried to run me more »

La Luna

Did you see the lunar eclipse Wednesday night? We did and it was fantastic. more »

Back from Dville

I meant to blog about our trip yesterday, but work is really busy for me right now. Really busy=practically no lunch break and long days. Really busy=no desire to write more »

Next stop: Dan Vegas

No time to rest this week … J and I are headed to Danville Thursday through Monday. Awhile back, we realized that Skybus, that new airline everyone is talking about, more »

Trip to the Valley of the Sun

So I finally got back Monday from Phoenix. I was supposed to take a red-eye Sunday night, but Continental Airlines screwed up my flights. That’s just a whole other story. more »

Superbowl Sunday

For anyone who didn’t already know this, New Englanders are pretty intense about their sports teams. I actually didn’t quite know the extent until moving here and living through two more »

Where in the world did January go?

Time always flies, but this month seems like it was over in a blink! And it’s not like we were traveling this month – we were in NH every weekend. more »