Where in the world did January go?

Where in the world did January go?

Time always flies, but this month seems like it was over in a blink! And it’s not like we were traveling this month – we were in NH every weekend. February is already going too fast …

I just found out last night that I am going to the Valley of the Sun next week for work. Usually I have more than 5 days notice, but there were some different circumstances with this trip. Don’t get me wrong. I am EXTREMELY grateful. In fact, I thought my free trips to Phoenix were long gone since our headquarters moved to Nashville. But, most of the writers are still working remotely in Phoenix and my boss wants us to meet for a kickoff meeting, so I’m not complaining!

I am actually very excited because BFFcoworker just had her baby in December and I really didn’t think I’d get to meet her until she turned 5 or so. So this is a real treat. And another friend, Rockstar, has been having some medical problems, so I would just feel much better seeing her in person. It’s a really quick trip (Feb. 6-10), but I’m hoping to see the usual suspects (Caliente, theFr, Mouth, NHBound, Sunshine, SmokinHot), as well as some others. We’ll see how the trip shapes up.

In other news, our one-game winning streak seems to have ended, as we lost our soccer game last night. It was a team we played in the past and they killed us last session. This time, we lost 3-5. Not bad. Handyman got a yellow card, of course. He actually was pretty tame, but I really think the refs just remember him as the crazy one and give him a yellow card if he breathes in the wrong direction. Nazi was yelling at all of us during the game. J actually yelled back and put him in his place. Nice. I just found out Nazi actually coaches youth soccer. I feel bad for those kids. I’m going to miss next week’s game (and our dancing lessons!) because of my Phoenix trip, but I’m sure they’ll do okay without me.

I think that’s about it. We’re not sure what we are doing this weekend. We’re getting a fresh coat of snow right now, so I’m sure we’ll get out there and do a little cross-country skiing. And we may go to a Super Bowl party, although I still can’t decide which team to cheer for. I mean, I grew up loving the Giants. In fact, my sister used to quiz me on the team so I could prove I was a real fan. But now I’m not really attached to a team. And I am in Patriots territory … In any case, J got us in some pool so I’ll be concentrating most on the final score so we can win some money!


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