Back from Dville

Back from Dville

I meant to blog about our trip yesterday, but work is really busy for me right now. Really busy=practically no lunch break and long days. Really busy=no desire to write in free time. It usually gets really busy in the fall and spring. It’s happening earlier this year. Yikes. But I digress.

Skybus got an A+ in my book. It was open seating for those who do not want to pay an extra $10 to secure a seat, but J and I had no problems getting seats together on both legs. The staff on board was young, but efficient and friendly. The plane was brand new and big. It was a little amusing to see how much money the airline could make through on-board sales of drinks, food and products (perfume, etc.). The food/drink bill for the five people in front of us totaled $36. Did I mention they had a couple of sodas and bags of Doritos? In any case, if this allows the airline to keep their prices low, more power to them. We are hoping to score cheap tickets again sometime.

Our homecoming to Danville was everything we could have expected and more. The house was indeed still standing. We gave the inside and outside a little TLC, replaced some light bulbs and changed the batteries in the smoke alarms. But that was about all it needed. Our friends are taking good care of it. The street looked a little more ghetto than when we lived there, but as “Dad” pointed out, when you are there, it all looks normal because you get used to it. So I guess not much has changed on the street. It’s a little alarming that there are now four empty houses in a row. But, they already stole our copper pipes from the basement … there’s really not much more they can take. We saw so many people. More than what we planned. We ran into people everywhere, something that comes with the territory of being in a small town. As you may have noticed, I like bullet points, so here are some of the trip highlights.

Main Street Coffee Emporium – Toffee Tumbler and Raspberry Mocha. The servers still remembered our orders when we walked in after seven months of not being there.

Working on the house. I know this sounds weird, but there are times J and I miss house projects. We spent so many months (years?) always having a list of things to do for nights and weekends, that it feels very weird to sit at our rental in NH and not have to worry about anything. We accomplished a lot at the house. And we miss it.

Hanging out of an old-school limo sunroof with a machine gun. Only in the South.


Two bar restaurants have closed down since we left. But alas, two new bar restaurants have opened up. We visited both and approve. Unfortunately, they’ll probably both be gone when we come visit again. You really never know what you are going to get in Danville.

Bronx Boy Bagels. Hail to fellow Jersey natives who opened up a coffee/bagel/sandwich shop mimicked after the ones we left behind and love in Jersey. No Taylor ham, but still good options. Now if they can just stay open. Places in Danville seem to have a one-year expiration date.

Party at Falcon’s house for Wolf’s bday. Like I said, Danville people party HARD. Harder than anyone I know really. There were a ton of people there and it was good to catch up with everyone. And Sparky did an outstanding performance with glow sticks that had us all mesmerized like we were on acid. Wait, there may have been some people there who were on acid.

No ghosts in our house. We slept there (no heat) Saturday night and there was not one bit of activity. I was very disappointed.

“Gotta get me some Biscuitville.” Biscuits and gravy. Yum.

Rock Climbing at the trestle with the Is/Was family and others. Just today, I was finally able to use a stapler again, but boy was I feeling the burn from our climbing. I did not reach the top of my nemesis climb, but I got further than I thought after being away from it for so long. J did very well, of course (he’s pretty much better than me at everything). We really need to find a special spot like the trestle here in NH.

And no, Beef, there were no special trips to the Laundromat. Although, we did see your friend. He asked if you wanted to take a ride with him again. We gave him your number.

So that sums it up. I need to get offline to eat dinner early tonight because we have our weekly dancing lessons. We’ve had two weeks off because of the snow, so hopefully we still remember our moves! Tomorrow night is soccer (and Lost). Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home!

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  1. Tommy's Mommy says:

    Your comments section is looking a little sad, so I thought I’d post something… OMG – aren’t raspberry mochas the best!! I can’t comment on most of the other Danville stuff since I’ve only been there once. I’ll never forget our tour of the local musuem–especially the old-time telephone display. Really, that should have put Dville on the map. I’m surprised we got in that day. Popular exhibit, you know.

  2. Kay Kay says:

    It was great having you and Justin back for a brief moment! What I love about you guys is that you can make anywhere you live fun. I know I complain about living in Danville too much, but it’s not that bad if you learn to be creative. Thanks for reminding me that it’s all about the attitude!

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