I have my popcorn ready to go

I have my popcorn ready to go

After watching the Oscars last night, I realized how few movies we ever see. We often see a preview of something we want to see, but it never happens. And every year during the award show, I’m not in a good position to have any sort of opinion on which movies should win in each category. In fact, I haven’t heard of half the titles up for rewards! I was happy to see that the only movie I saw in the theater in 2007, “Into the Wild,” was up for 2 awards. It didn’t win, but still, it was there. Speaking of which, it is due on DVD soon. So for anyone who is looking for a life-changing experience, watch it. Anyways, J said it’d be really cool to see all the best pictures from each year. Maybe that will happen in retirement. For now, I think I would like to see “No Country for Old Men,” since it won 4 awards, including best picture. I watched the trailer and it looked good. Anyone see that?

3 responses to “I have my popcorn ready to go”

  1. geraldwitt says:

    Yeah, I saw “No Country” and I’m buying it about as soon as it comes on video. It’s a violent movie, but really really good.

  2. Tommy's Mommy says:

    Hey, look–I started a trend. Another comment! You are not alone on the movie thing. We rarely ever go to the movies. Even before Tommy. Why? Because there’s never anything really worth seeing! Ok, clearly you loved “Into the Wild” (we forgot to discuss this on the phone the other day). Over and over I’ve been disappointed with Oscar-nominated movies. You’ll have to let me know if you find one you like. I might even rent “Into the Wild” to see if I missed something in my original reading of the book. From the library, for free of course.

  3. plavigne says:

    I loved the book before I loved the movie, so if you didn’t like the book, you won’t like the movie! We will have to hash it out sometime …

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