Happy Leap Year!!

Happy Leap Year!!

Apparently there are only 200,000 people in this world with a birthday on Feb. 29! I don’t think I ever knew anyone with that bday until now. A big shout out to PosseLeader, who is turning 7, er 28, today. Party it up in Danville! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! Two other friends in Danville, Luna and Austria, are getting married today as well! Congrats!

So I got to thinking about the leapers. Birthdays don’t really mean that much to me, especially as the years add up. But what would you do without a birthday (or an anniversary of your birth, to be correct)? Leapers only have quadrennial birthdays! Which day is the leaper’s legal birthday? When you turn 21, what day can you legally drink? When do you get your license? I guess people have it all figured out by now, but it’s just interesting to me.

I also started reflecting on what I was doing last time we had that 366th day of the year, which was in 2004. I don’t have that keen of a memory, so I had to dust off my electronic calendar to find out. So much has changed since then!

First of all, I was still living in Phoenix. Um, that was four states ago!

Feb. 29 was a Sunday and I was actually working overtime! I was editing coverage of a conference, something I was not really qualified to do, but was forced to do because we were so short-staffed. I met my former boss at the office on that Sunday afternoon and we spent the better part of the day editing. To say I wasn’t a happy camper is an understatement. I was working for the same company as I do now, but it a completely different situation. We were overworked and underappreciated and while we may not be the perfect company yet, we have come a long way. Those were the days where I spent my entire drive home from work in tears. Also, I now work from home full time and that office in Arizona is nonexistent.

The last different thing is that I was actually “dating” J. We were only together a little over a year at that point. Wow. He just completed his Master’s and was job searching around the country and I was trying to decide if I should follow him. I made a good choice:)

We’re heading to Boston this weekend to catch up with some old friends. We’re still hoping to work on the igloo too. With all the fresh snow we got this week, we are in a good position for progress. However, the frigid temps and extra foot of snow expected tonight and tomorrow may pose an obstacle. We’ll see.

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