Snow Delay

Snow Delay

So my parental units are finally coming to NH for a visit. We’ll call them Short on Coffee and Big on Lotto. They tried for Thanksgiving, but my dad got really sick and they couldn’t make it. Even though my dad’s health is still up and down, they were determined to give it a second try. For now, their trip is delayed. Not because of his health, but because of the snow. Snow? In mid-March? Why of course! We still have a good 2 feet on the ground, though it has been melting these last two weeks. In fact, I have even seen grass in some places! But, the skies opened up and dropped the white stuff down again. The snow is supposed to turn to ice, never a good thing for the roads. And if you think I have a hard time on the back roads around here, I shudder to think about my parents trying to handle them. Some of you may have had the horrifying experience, I mean pleasure, of driving with my dad. He is not a patient man and cannot follow instructions. In any case, hopefully the storm will pass by Thursday morning and they can be on their way. We don’t have much planned for the weekend because, well, they’re 63. A whole lot of eating out, which J and I are actually really looking forward to! March Madness starts tomorrow too, so J is very pumped. He has his bracketology all configured.

Just a little more on snow before I go (hey, that rhymed). It is official. This winter has seen the second highest snowfall (a little over 110 inches) for the area since 1900! In 1995/96, they had 113 inches. I’m sure we will pass that by the end of the season, which is expected to be in June. Last year, they got 19 inches the whole year! We moved here just in time …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is Big on Lotto (Dad) here. I made it just fine with my new GPS system and my blood pressure did not go up one bit except when I read what my daughter wrote about me on the Internet. I don’t know much about this blog stuff, but I am not happy! I’ll be calling my lawyer shortly.

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