Coffee, lotto anyone?

Coffee, lotto anyone?

My parental units departed this morning. It was really an awesome visit. My dad (Big on Lotto) was in great spirits, despite some big medical issues coming up. I love seeing him like this. It’s hard when you have a chronically ill parent and you are not there in person to see how they are REALLY doing on a day-to-day basis. Not that I want to live with my parents again. No sir, this trip definitely reminded me why I love being on my own! Smooch—love you Mom and Dad. I have to be careful of what I say now that they know how to read my blog …

So as I predicted, we didn’t do much of anything, which was fine. Lots of visiting and quality time together. Sunday was probably the most memorable day. After Mass with a priest that is either a twin or impersonator of Eugene Levy, we ate at an awesome restaurant that J and I love, but hardly go to, The Common Man, and had some good laughs during the meal. Those of you that know Short on Coffee know she doesn’t drink alcohol. J got a Bloody Mary and I got a Mimosa and for some reason, Short on Coffee felt compelled to join the drinking and ordered a Screwdriver. I think she took maybe three sips, but she definitely had a little buzz going on. The fun proceeded at home as Big on Lotto tested us all for diabetes. Short on Coffee, J and I ate some good desserts at the restaurant and Big on Lotto, of course, had none. So after he tested his blood sugar following the meal (which was a “high” 190), he tested all of us and we were under 100. Diabetes is certainly not something to joke about and we do feel bad for my poor Dad, but it gave us all a chuckle in the moment. Some good memories were created this visit.

Also, now that the parental units have left, we can turn back down our heat! Yahoo! Usually our bill goes up $100 or so when they come to visit. Luckily, we don’t pay our heat here in NH. BUT, we were still cooked chickens most of the time.

Overall, J was such a good sport with the in-laws. He always is. Makes them coffee nonstop and puts up with their “elderly” ways (Love you again, Mom and Dad). This visit infringed on his March Madness watching, but he didn’t complain once. I mean, he did complain about how his bracketology is screwed, but that’s a different story. But thanks J! I guess I will get my own dose of “in-laws” when J and I go to Chicago for a long weekend visit, although I’m not sure it compares.

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  1. shayna says:

    Glad you guys made some good memories.

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