We ran out of luck

We ran out of luck

We lost our game last night. I’m pretty bummed about it because it’s a team we should have beaten. I don’t think we’ll have a chance at the playoffs with this loss. We only have 3 games left and they are all against good teams. Last night’s team was decent, but I think the cards were against us. It was a 10 o’clock game, we were missing some of our players and the other team had like 15 people on their roster so they were subbing every three minutes. Plus, one ref really hated us or something because he made some bad calls. For example, J scored. The ball made it over the line ever-so-slightly before the goalie picked it up, but nonetheless, it was over. Yet, the ref said it was not a goal. Definitely a crappy call. On a bright note, I did score! And it was legit.

Some of our team is going to play in the next session, but we are not. We will definitely rejoin in the fall. For now, we want to get outside and play! Can’t wait to dust off our kayaks off and get in the water!

Speaking of spring (which I think NH is skipping this year), J sponsored an indoor tag sale through his town Saturday. So we reserved a table and will try to get rid of some of our crap. Amazingly enough, some of the stuff has never seen the light of day through two, maybe three or four different states. I’d say it’s high time to junk it. Whatever does not sell will go to Goodwill because if I have to move it one more time . . .

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