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RIP Babchi

It’s been awhile since I last blogged. I have a good excuse. My grandma, Teofilia, or better known as “Tillie,” died last Saturday and so we spent the week juggling more »

From the City of Brotherly Love to the City of Google workers

Greetings from San Francisco! My trip to Philly was fantabulous! I have a lot of girlfriends around the country, but none where I live (right now), so it’s always nice more »

Last weekend, this weekend

I’ve been super busy at work this week and every night, so my weekend update is a little delayed … Last weekend, J and I played house with my almost more »

Fly no more?

There’s been a lot of shakeup in the airline business and the recent closure of several airlines has us a little bit worried. The shutdown of Skybus hit close to more »

La Vigne is French for …

“The Lover.” That’s what J used to tell me when we first started dating. It’s actually “the vineyard.” So J has French descent, none of which he embraces, but that’s more »


I’m happy to report that my vision reached 20/20! I was 20/25 for the past two months, as we all know I had a very slllloooowwww healing process. The doctor more »