Fly no more?

Fly no more?

There’s been a lot of shakeup in the airline business and the recent closure of several airlines has us a little bit worried. The shutdown of Skybus hit close to home, actually. I previously blogged about our awesome experience with the airline for our trip to Danville in February. We knew Skybus was doomed from the start, but we were taking advantage of it while it was around. J had a very cheap and direct flight planned to visit the Hoss in Ohio in May. Then, the Is/Was family just planned their summer vacation to NH using Skybus upon our recommendation. So to hear that Skybus was terminating all business so soon sucked. Thankfully, J will get refunded from his credit card company and will probably be able to book another flight. Same with the Is/Was family. But it’s just insane, especially how it happened. Skybus made their announcement Friday night that their last flights would run Saturday. What the heck would you do if you were in the middle of your trip??? I mean, we definitely have our share of delay/cancellation stories, and they are increasing every year. My biggest worries are that airlines will keep folding or they will do away with frequent flier miles (they are already cutting back and putting expirations on miles). We fly a lot and we love our FF miles. We need airlines to stay strong. Hang in there guys, hang in there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We were on ATA coming back from Hawaii in June – thankfully we went through a travel agent, and were able to re-book on United for $200 more (and had to move to connecting flights instead of nonstop).

    I love irresponsible business models by these common carriers, it always works out for them, doesn’t it??


  2. Govt Flyer says:

    Tell me about airlines issues……. the govt recently revoked our business class upgrade for flights over 13 hours. Now, I have to be crammed back in coach eating peanuts and pretzels like everyone else!
    Was one of the few perks for serving so far from home!

  3. geraldwitt says:

    Yeah, it bombed PTI, too, here in Greensboro. But we got our public-issued incentives back.

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