Fernando lost some of his manhood

Fernando lost some of his manhood

My husband, the hero, got rid of a big headache I had last week.

Ever since I moved to NH, I’ve been told that my tinted windows on the car would not pass state inspection. So I registered my car at the end of December and dodged police and delayed inspection by 5 months. I tried once at the beginning of May and the auto shop assured me I would fail because of the tinted windows. I called DMV to cop my plea saying the car was manufactured in AZ like that. I truly did not have a choice in the matter. I bought the car via paper description and it said nothing about the tinted windows and racing rims, but when it arrived, I realized my brand-new car was a ghetto car. Fernando and I got along just fine, though many people (ahem, Lawyer2be) poked fun at my car.

So getting back to present moment. DMV said as long as the car was manufactured with the tinted windows, the law didn’t apply and I could pass inspection. So I proudly brought my car into a new car shop for inspection … and was denied again. Apparently, my windows were tinted “after market,” not in Detroit. A great tinting job, but there were plain-glass windows under there somewhere. And not only did I have to replace the front two windows, but all the back ones too.

I started gathering quotes for tint removal. A couple places refused the job, calling it a PITA, especially since my car is 6 years old and has been sitting in 100-degree heat, as well as –10-degree cold. Another place said $45/hour, but they couldn’t estimate how long it would take. Maybe 10 hours, they said? To replace all the windows would be $700. Jesus H. I was not happy and stressing like crazy. So one day last week, my wonderful husband came home from a long day at work and decided to attempt the job himself. And he did it all! So well that I think he should start a side business!

And now I have a semi-normal-looking car with a legal state inspection sticker. Just in time because J finally learned how to drive stick (or straight as they say in the South) and with gas prices going up like they are, he and Fernando are about to become BFFs for the summer.

3 responses to “Fernando lost some of his manhood”

  1. Andy says:

    Whooa I never “made fun” of your car – I just always thought it was a little bit ghetto. But hey, NH needs some flavor, so I think that it’s a damn shame that they made you take off your window tint.


  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s a full 6′ sub with all the toppings! That’s a good dude you got there!

  3. Shayna says:

    Yeah! I’m glad J could get the tinting off just fine! You finally got your inspection!!!

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