Sex in the City=greatness

Sex in the City=greatness

J took me on a date to see the new “Sex and the City” movie tonight! Don’t I have the best husband in the world??? I know you are gagging already, but there’s more. It was his idea! Months ago, when he found out the release date for the movie, he told me to keep May 30th open because he was taking me on a date. I tried to let him off the hook. I offered to call my 1 friend here in NH (yes, I have made at least one friend here) to see if she wanted to go, but he insisted on taking me. I think he secretly wanted to see it! Of course, he’s probably going to use this as an excuse to get a foot rub or something in the future …

At first, it looked like J was going to be the only guy in the whole theater! I was shocked. But then more males trickled in. Still, he is a trooper.

Anyways, I won’t reveal any details of the movie because I know most people didn’t rush out on the first night to see it, but it was great. I’ve always been a big fan of Sex & the City! My parents had cable, so I always tried to catch an episode or two when I was in college. Then, the minute the box set came out, J bought it for me. I’ve missed the show since it’s been gone. I crave more. The movie definitely filled a little void. They did a great job with it.

I think every woman finds similarities in one of the characters, at least at some point in her life. I relate to Carrie because she is a writer with an Apple computer even before they were popular (definitely can’t relate to her style or shopping habits though). I can relate to Samantha’s free spirit and her brutal honesty. I can relate to Miranda because she is really practical and I am … sometimes. Charlotte is the one I can relate to the least. Her level of class is admirable, but I’m not a classy gal. And she was always too much of a hopeless romantic for me.

So go see the movie. It wasn’t better than “Into the Wild” for me, but it was top-notch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the best movie ever, go justin! ~siladventure

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