The High Life at the Seashore

The High Life at the Seashore

This weekend, we headed to the coast of Massachusetts to visit J’s dad (MartiniShaker) and stepmom (GottaMove). I love going there because they have a beautiful home and we mostly just eat good food and drink alcohol. It’s like visiting the set of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, at least in comparison to our daily living. Plus, I just love being by the seashore … the smell, the sounds, the sights …

Saturday, we went to J’s stepbrother’s for a birthday party. Hung with the family, even saw his stepsister and kids, who we almost never see. At night, MartiniShaker made a great meal and drinks to match. I got a little drunk, I’m not going to lie. They were good martinis, what can I say? So then Sunday, J went to play golf with his dad, stepbrother and some others. I took a nice run along the harbor to the Scituate lighthouse (the 3rd oldest in the New England area), then edited some of theFr’s book on their awesome porch. GottaMove and I went out for a nice lunch at Mill Wharf, such a great restaurant. I got seafood, of course.

On the way home today, we stopped for dinner with Roid and his wife-to-be. They are moving out of Boston in a few weeks to Kentucky. How sad!

This coming weekend is our first (of many) camping trip of the season! Can’t wait!!!

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