First camping trip of the season!

First camping trip of the season!

Last weekend, we road tripped to the Adirondack Mountains. We actually met friends from NJ (DogLovers) there as a sort-of halfway point. The male counterpart of DogLovers is one of J’s buddies from the Prep. They were just married last year and have a pop-up camper. While it was pretty sweet digs, we almost felt like we were cheating having a fridge and other amenities. In fact, we tend to do more backpacking than car camping, so it was so different to be able to throw everything we wanted to have in the car.

Our campsite was right on the pond, one of the many bodies of water in the Adirondacks. So we did lots of kayaking!! We also hiked to one of the local peaks where there was fire tower and small ranger cabin. It was very, very windy up there and we were only at about 3000 feet!

This week, we have visitors from Danville, the Is/Was family. Camping trip #2 will be up to Acadia National Park this weekend with them. Can’t hardly wait for the 5-hour road trip tomorrow!!!

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