Is/Was Family Adventure in Acadia National Park

Is/Was Family Adventure in Acadia National Park

I know I am seriously lacking in the blog arena and it seems this blog has become nothing more than my weekly trip descriptions. Bad news folks. It’s probably not going to get better anytime soon, so bear with me.

The Is/Was family (from good ol’ Danville) arrived last Wednesday and they will leave this Tuesday. While we do love visitors, it will be nice to say hasta luego. I just never knew how much food two growing children can eat and how much laundry they can produce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we are waiting on them hand and foot and they’ve been in and out exploring the area, but we are still trying to be a good little host and hostess.

So this past weekend, we all ventured to Acadia National Park in Maine. J and I are die-hard NP fans and this one is definitely up there on our favorites list. Whenever they ask you on those silly surveys if you’d rather the ocean or the mountains, I always answer that I like a mix. Well Acadia is definitely a perfect mix.

We camped outside the park on the Gulf of Maine, so again we had access to water to take the kayaks out for a spin. Unfortunately, the kids took them out before us and put a few too many scratches on our babies. But, again, guess that goes with the territory of having kids around. J and I did sneak away one night for a 5-mile trip where we saw porpoises (literally 2 feet from the boats), a bald eagle, an osprey and seals. Not to mention the drool-worthy houses along the Sound. Dream big, right?

Other than the kayaking, we did tons of hiking. Even though we hiked about 4 miles each day, we only covered approximately 10 percent of the 150 miles of trails in the park. There’s definitely more to explore.

Also had to have some Maine lobster while we were there, especially since the Is/Was family was fresh lobster virgins. And it was so cheap! $9.99/lb!

The Is/Was family is now up in the White Mountains now and we will join them for part of the weekend. For now, we are enjoying the peace and quiet at the house and restocking the supplies.

On a side note, I missed my opportunity to publicly wish Big on Lotto a Happy Father’s Day. Most of you know my dad has more sickly days than healthy ones, but he still manages to show me how to ride the rollercoaster we call life. He is a prime example of how you have to adapt to the hand of cards you’re dealt. And I’m proud of him for it. I may grunt a little bit with his frequent mid-day phone calls (You’re not busy are you honey? No Dad, it’s not like I’m WORKING or anything), but I secretly love seeing my cell display his name …

On another side note, belated happy birthday to SILAdventure and to Phoebes (who turned the big 3-0!). I will call you soon Phoebes, I promise!!!

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  1. Kellie says:

    Looks gorgeous! I’m jealous of all your fun weekend outings!

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