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The glass is half empty.

I am sad tomorrow is August 1st. The summer is coming to an end!!! We have another jam-packed August with some camping trips and other travel. So the month will more »

In and Out

No, not the burger joint. I wish. I’m talking about SILAdventure. She was here this week on a layover to Iceland. That’s right, Iceland. I wish again. She is going more »

We avoided kidnappings and hospitalizations; now that deserves a star

J and I babysat CurlyLocks and Bones this past weekend so QuickQuestion and Yankee could properly celebrate their 10-year anniversary by taking a cruise. Short on Coffee and Big on more »

Happy 1-year anniversary to J!

J has officially been in his big-boss job for 1 year. It has gone way fast. And while I don’t want to say too much, I do want to give more »

Vacay to the … cornfields?

This past weekend served as one of our summer vacations. Yeah! But to the Midwest? That’s right. Roid and Peace’s wedding was in Louisville, KY, on Saturday, so J and more »

US citizenship

Chile’s husband will be taking the citizenship test and awhile ago, we were flipping through his study book (which is HUGE) to quiz ourselves. Phoebes did pretty well, but some more »

The best way to improve your writing is to read

That was always my most favorite piece of advice I learned from my schooling. So I am proud to say I finished editing theFr’s book, my first-ever editing gig. When more »

Tag, you’re it.

In the blogosphere, people like to “tag” you to fill out surveys. Much like those floating around in the email world. So I’ve been tagged. It was a pretty unique more »

Bear haven

The jury is still out on this guy, Charlie Vandergaw. In my opinion, he’s missing a few screws, but I give him credit for for finding a way to survive more »

Newsflash: J completes New Year’s resolution …

… from 2004, that is. When I met J, he immediately expressed interest in learning to properly drive standard. Because, well, in college, he drove his buddy’s car when the more »

Weekend Update

A ridiculously busy and tiring Friday and Saturday called for a day of rest on Sunday. From sun up to sun down on the 4th of July, we worked at more »

And like clockwork …

we are in the middle of our daily thunderstorm. Actually, it only rained for about 3 minutes, but it’s been rumbling out there like a very hungry tummy! In about more »

More boarders, err, visitors

That’s right, we had more visitors this weekend. QuickQuestion, Yankee, Bones and CurlyLocks came from CT. Not for 2 weeks like our last visitors, just for the weekend. We planned more »