Weekend Update

Weekend Update

A ridiculously busy and tiring Friday and Saturday called for a day of rest on Sunday.

From sun up to sun down on the 4th of July, we worked at J’s Family Fun Day. With more than 1,000 people enjoying the numerous activities of the day, J felt proud to be the Rec Director. And he should be because it was a truly awesome event. Worth all the hard work.

I worked at a variety of stations. The 5K race in the morning, which brought me back to my 3Discliplines days. I was a judge for the kiddie parade too, and I must say even for the non-kid person, it was heart-warming to see 150 kids dressed in their most patriotic garb. Then I was the concession stand attendant for the remainder of the day. Being the big kahuna, J ran around the whole day.

You’d think we would want to rest Saturday after all that craziness. But instead we took a 7-hour Intro to Kayaking course. Before enrolling, we thought, Pssh, do WE really need the intro level? J has been canoeing for years and a certified whitewater canoeist. And he TAUGHT intro to kayaking on a very basic level in Danville. But, we figured we should take a “refresher.” Besides, our health insurance reimburses us for things like that, so why not?

Let me tell you, it’s a good thing we went back to kindergarten because we learned more than we ever could have imagined! Some things we were probably doing wrong all along, in fact. We learned so much about our boats and how limitless the sport really is. We even practiced a little rolling (that is the term for turning your kayak upside down and then back up – it happens when you get in rough waters and you have to know how to rescue yourself or someone else). We will undoubtedly be taking more classes!

So Sunday came finally. Phew. It was a long time since we just sat around and read on our deck over breakfast. Lazy summer days. It was awesome. We still did some work around the house—cleaning cars, laundry, billing. Then grilled out with our landlord and his wife. They are mean cooks, yum, yum.

And now we are reeling with anticipation for Roid’s wedding this weekend! We leave Wednesday. We will see NHBound, Mouth, Caliente, theFr, Roid of course, and others (maybe?). We will try our hardest to outdo Roid’s other friends as the craziest people at the wedding and shock the parents. Fun times! But first, I won tickets to see the Fisher Cats (minor league baseball in NH). So that’s on the agenda tonight …

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