Newsflash: J completes New Year’s resolution …

Newsflash: J completes New Year’s resolution …

… from 2004, that is. When I met J, he immediately expressed interest in learning to properly drive standard.

Because, well, in college, he drove his buddy’s car when the guy was too inebriated, but that doesn’t count.

So anyways, he claimed it as his 2004 resolution. We were living in Phoenix at the time and I thought, hey, what a great place to learn to drive stick (that’s where I learned on the nice, flat roads). Attempt #1 took place when we were driving up to Laughlin in February. He did well until we reached Havasu City where there are a few hills. We had to play Chinese fire drill to get him out of panic mode.

Fast forward to 2007. Keep in mind that every year he made the same claim, “this year, I will learn to drive your car!” J made several attempts in Danville. I was always in the car with him on these attempts and it seemed he got a little frustrated and nervous.

So this year, when he made his bold statement on Jan. 1, 2008, I just plain ignored him. I mean, NH could quite possibly be the worst place to learn with many, many hills, lots of traffic and potholes the size of my tires! But then, the gas prices started rising and we had planned for the Is/Was family to borrow his truck for the 2 weeks they were visiting in June. It seemed he had no choice.

It is with deep pride that I now officially say that J is a master driver of Fernando … which he has affectionately renamed to Lolita. We took a different approach this time … I handed him the keys and said, “it’s all yours. Go forth and teach yourself.” It didn’t take long before he conquered the skill. That is of course until we put him to the test in Boston … hehe.

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