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Festivities cont.

Since I’m not the most computer-savvy, I find it easier to post pictures when there aren’t a lot of words. So I decided to break up the “festivities” post for more »


This has been quite an active two weeks! I promised a recap of my surprise party with some more pictures, so here goes … I was surprised for the party. more »

Feliz cumpleanos at mi!

We are about to leave for a combined 4-day trip to Danville (to check on the house) and Maryland (annual Crabfest gathering w/ J’s friends), but I had to update more »

Fun with imaging

I use ichat for work every day. It’s awesome. But that’s besides the point. We each have our symbol showing we are online. Mine has always been a firefly. There more »


Raise your hand if you are staying up too late watching the Olympics. Yeah, that would be us. I can’t say I’ve always been a die-hard fan of the Olympics. more »

The camping trip that almost wasn’t

J and I were stoked about a paddle-to camping trip we had planned for this past weekend so long ago. It was a new venture for us. We’ve been car more »

Do they all wear short shorts and shoot squirrels in Hungary?

For a year now, J and I have rented a beautiful converted barn as our home from a very nice couple. We have toyed with the idea of moving closer more »

Say wha now?

Some of our friends call J and I active. Hiking. Running. Paddling. Rock Climbing. Sure, those things are not on everyone’s agenda. Nor do most of our friends aspire to more »

When it’s good to be 29 going on 30 …

… tailgating at a Bruce Springsteen concert! So J and I went to see the Boss Saturday evening in Mass at Gillette Stadium (where the Patriots play) with Uncle SlickG, more »

Some people are ballsy

So I was covering the results of this survey from, and it seems 8 percent of workers admit lying on their resume. However, 49 percent of employers have caught more »