When it’s good to be 29 going on 30 …

When it’s good to be 29 going on 30 …

… tailgating at a Bruce Springsteen concert! So J and I went to see the Boss Saturday evening in Mass at Gillette Stadium (where the Patriots play) with Uncle SlickG, who drove up from Jersey for the show. We were tailgating for a good 3-4 hours, watching the guys across from us get carded at least 3 times. One of the cops turned to us and asked us with a hearty laugh if we were jealous and wanted to be carded for old time’s sake. Let me tell you, this moment should go down in history because this is the first time I’ve been mistaken for … my age! In any case, there were lots of arrests going on and the newly 21-year-old boys across from us were safe. They taught us a new game they play in college nowadays called “Slap the bitch.” Not really the nicest name, but what they do is give one of those bags inside the boxed wine a good slap and then chug as much as they can. When in the world did it ever become a good idea to chug wine??? Boy am I glad to be out of college.

In any case, the show was killer. J and I had the nosebleed section, while Uncle SlickG had prime seats. There was a brief, but life-threatening, thunderstorm that hit us as we were walking to our seats. Maybe it was because of that, but Bruce didn’t come on stage until 9:30 for the 7:30 show. He still played through the noise ordinance time. He was so active during the whole show and took requests from the audience.

The biggest problem was getting out of the parking lot. Those bastards charge $40 to park there, yet no one knows how to move cars out at a decent pace. We sat there for a good 2 hours before we could move an inch. Argh.

Mad props to AYB III whose baby boy (AYB IV, I kid you not) was born Saturday! J and I have I think 3 or 4 other friends who are due with babies the next few months. I will definitely post pictures as they come!

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