The camping trip that almost wasn’t

The camping trip that almost wasn’t

J and I were stoked about a paddle-to camping trip we had planned for this past weekend so long ago. It was a new venture for us. We’ve been car camping. We’ve been backpacking. But never have we packed up our kayaks and traveled via water to our campsite. However, after careful deliberation and packing on Thursday (for we didn’t want our kayaks to sink or tip over on the way to the island), we sat down to watch the weather. We knew we had been getting a lot of rain and our daily threat of thunderstorm, but we didn’t realize that pretty much the entire state of NH was in a flood watch/warning. The weather for Friday was also looking pretty grim, particularly with severe threats of thunderstorms on top of the flooding. Not the best paddling conditions.

Bummed as we were, we decided we had enough play with lightening on previous outdoor experiences, so we decided to can the trip. Instead, we headed up to the White Mountains on Saturday and did a simple overnight car-camping trip coupled with a 10-mile hike up to Mt. Lafayette. The weather Saturday was beautiful. When we were in the alpine region hiking, we did see a cloud or two. I even hit the ground once in preparation. But, the dark cloud quickly passed and we finished our hike safely. By Sunday, NH’s weather was back to normal. Rain and thunderstorms.

I do love rain. I do. But I keep forgetting. Did we move to Oregon or Washington? Or London? I knew those places were known for their rain, but now I’m thinking NH should be on the list.

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