This has been quite an active two weeks! I promised a recap of my surprise party with some more pictures, so here goes …

I was surprised for the party. I had some idea that J was up to something, but I wasn’t sure when and what exactly. I thought we were going to my sister’s to babysit the kids. That was the ploy. He and QuickQuestion did a great job. J catered it, planned some silly “kid” games and even got my friends/family to put together a scrapbook for me! It was fabulous.

We both have so many friends around the country, so it’s nearly impossible to get together with everyone at once, so it was nice to have at least my “tri-state area” friends in one place. From high school, theAccountant and Hallmark4Ever were there with their significant others (and Hallmark4Ever’s babe in belly). From college, Charlotte, Shadow and RedJeepTrvlr were there. Charlotte and RedJeepTrvlr came all the way from Philly with their hubbies and that was quite a haul. As for family, of course Big on Lotto, Short on Coffee, QuickQuestion, Yankee, Bones and CurlyLocks were there, but my AuntVegas and her husband theCrabber were also there! Last, but not least, BFFcoworker flew in from Phoenix!!! So all in all, it was a great gathering.

BFFcoworker stayed for a few more days after the party. NHBound and Mouth happened to be in NH from Phoenix visiting family this past week, so we got together with them a few times. In particular, we went boating on Lake Winnepasaukee all day Monday. That was a blast. We went tubing, knee boarding and just enjoyed a nice day together.

Wednesday, J and I headed out of town. Our first stop was Danville to take care of some business. We installed an alarm system throughout the house, so we *think* this will keep people from stealing our copper pipes over and over and over again. I guess desperate times means desperate measures, but I won’t dwell on our troubles. In any case, the house is now locked down and we will continue our quest to get a renter in there … I think we are close now. While we were there, we went out with friends and that was a blast. I forgot my camera, but the Wolf took pictures so maybe he will upload them sometime and I can share them … Also saw the Is/Was family for lunch, drank lots of sweet tea, had our special coffees (the shop still remembered our order!!!) and got way too many mosquito and chigger bites. Ah the South.

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  1. tommy's mommy says:

    Sorry, I have not stopped by here in a while! Just wanted to say that you have one amazing husband. We had a great time at your party! At least I think you were surprised at who was there:) Oh, and what a great picture of me and my killer balloon catching skills.

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