7 years

7 years

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since the Sept. 11 attacks.

I was living in Phoenix at the time and getting ready for work. SmokinHotRoommate came out of her room and said we needed to turn on the TV because a plane just hit a building in NYC. What? What a freakish accident, I thought. We sat there and watched as the second plane hit. Then I knew something was clearly wrong. It was surreal. We both left for work shortly after still without knowing what was going on. I called my dad’s office in NE NJ when I got into work and asked his secretary what was going on in NY. “What? What do you mean? Nothing that we know of. I hit a little traffic going to work, but that’s not unusual.” Shortly after, my dad called me back after he found out information and we just sat speechless on the phone at the dreaded word that has become part of our everyday vocabulary … terrorism.

There are so many devastating events that have touched our country throughout history. Some are even forgotten as time passes. But this is one that can’t even be put into words. For me, it did touch home. Not in the way it did for those who lost loved ones, of course. The NYC skyline was an icon from my childhood. I was living on the West coast and wanted more than anything to be back in NJ with everyone at that moment. I called friends who I knew worked in the city and worried sick until I heard back from them. I knew our country and world would be changed.

So we remember today of the lives lost and the impact the attacks left. I know I will be saying some extra prayers today. I hope you will join me. Take a moment and remember. Feel free to share.

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  1. tommy's mommy says:

    It’s sad that we join our parents’ generation in this way. We all know where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/01 just as they all have a story of where they were when they heard about Kennedy’s assasination. It is the saddest and most horrific thing to remember. I can’t imagine how scary NYC was that day. Not to mention the small PA town and the Pentagon. It is amazing to me the people who do not see that we need to actively and dare I say defensively protect ourselves from these insane terrorists who want to kill us. Ok, I’ll step down off my soap box now and return you to Patrice’s blog. PS – McCain/Palin 2008!! (As if you didn’t see that coming.)

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