Off to Dville

Off to Dville

Do you think we could have picked a better weekend to fly down to North Cackalacki? I mean, there’s only two hurricanes/tropical storms going on along the Eastern seaboard right now. So who wants to take bets on how delayed we will be tonight when we fly out and how delayed we will be when we try to return Sunday night?

Long story, but we’re not really going down there to check on the Dville house, although that is a bonus. Uncle SlickG’s friend used to live in Raleigh and passed away very suddenly a few months ago (very sad). So we’re going down there to help him move all of the friend’s stuff out of his rented condo and to our big empty house in Dville so Uncle SlickG can stop paying the $1100 in rent while he figures out the will. It’s the least we can do since Uncle SlickG helped us move last summer! Come to think of it, we actually owe many people a hand in moving with all our moves over the years …

On a completely different note, my niece CurlyLocks had her tonsils removed last week. She’s slowly recovering and is a trooper, but can I just say stitches in the throat … gross. I write about medical stuff, but I can’t stomach looking at it.

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