Business Tripping

Business Tripping

The next few weeks will be dotted with nothing but business trips for both J and I.

Tomorrow I head to the great city of Boston (that was meant to have some sarcasm) to cover a conference on pediatrics. I’m not happy that my trip to Beantown once again coincides with the baseball craziness, as my hotel is literally 2 blocks from Fenway. “That’s exciting,” you may say. Maybe so, but not the business traveler who is scrambling to find a restaurant with less than an hour wait so he/she can hurriedly try to gather food between sessions or before heading back to the hotel to spend the night writing.

**Cue violins playing in the background**

I return Monday evening with enough time to give J a high five as he heads out to Baltimore for his annual Rec Directors conference. What could they possibly do at their conference? You guessed it. They play wiffle ball during the day and drink beer in the evenings while complaining about their small budgets. I could be exaggerating, but I assure you his conferences are much more fun than mine!

He returns Saturday, and we may have a half weekend in there. Then I leave that Monday for a combined trip to Nashville and Louisville. Nashville will just involve a visit to my headquarter office to meet more new writers and editors. In fact, I will making a 4-hour drive up to Louisville with one of the new editors, who actually is sort of one of my bosses. I hear he is very friendly and well, I survived a Greyhound trip across the US with strangers, so it can’t be that bad. In Louisville, I will be taking more classes to receive my medical writing certification. Folks, it’s a long and costly process, so don’t get too excited for me yet. But I am really pumped for those classes and that conference because it will be all writers. Writers are fun to hang with. Didn’t you know that?

So hopefully I’ll find blog material in between all of that. I’m sure I will!

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  1. Christine says:

    Have fun in Boston (note sarcasm)! I believe the series starts Friday night in Tampa Bay so you may be safe.

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