Catchy commercials

Catchy commercials

One of my many quirks is that I secretly love certain commercials. I mean, there are times when we’re watching TV and will mute through all the commercials, but sometimes I can be mesmerized by a silly commercial! Catchy jingles, funny story lines, I eat it up. For example, I don’t remember what phone company it was (see how effective advertising is on me), but I L.O.V.E. the commercials when the person’s phone drops the call at a crucial point in the conversation. And the Apple commercials. Oh, and the Travelocity nome commercials crack me up. You get the point.

My latest love-hate relationship has been with the Toyota commercial with that song, “Saved by Zero” by The Fixx. At first, I was all, this song is cool. Now it just gets stuck in my head and is annoying. I also read an article that is has actually enraged others! Interesting.

Oh by the way, I’m in N’awlins for business. This is why I am procrastinating, I mean working very hard, on the computer on a Sunday night. But I do love the food here so it makes it all worth it.

2 responses to “Catchy commercials”

  1. Sara says:

    Funny! I H.A.T.E that Toyota commercial too! ARGH!

  2. tommy's mommy says:

    OMG (that stands for Oh My God/Gosh)- the "phone" commercials were for AT&T. I love Cingular/AT&T commercials too!! And, not just because they pay our bills or anything. They really do have an excellent ad agency.

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