An unexpected visit

An unexpected visit

SILmeow called us last week and said she would be in Boston on business Friday. We actually had nothing going on (wow.), so she extended her stay through Sunday! We met up with her in Salem, Mass., intending to tour the witching town. But, because our lazy butts couldn’t get out of bed early enough Sat morning and because we hit a lot of traffic outside of Boston (big surprise), we only had enough time to watch the film in the visitor center and eat (and sample beers of course) at a local brewery.

So, the witches will be explored some other day.

J got wind of another lobster sale in our local grocer (it’s been happening quite often lately), so we decided to cook some lobsters at home for dinner. The lobsters were … wait for it … $4.99/lb! We got 3 lobsters for $18.99. Most times in the restaurants you pay $24.99 for one 1-lb lobster! Woo woo!

Here are J and SILmeow doing the happy lobster dance:

And here we are sending the lil guys to their death. I look horrified, but really I was excited! Such is the nature of the food chain and they were extremely yummy in my tummy.

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