Town politics

Town politics

I know I give my husband kudos for his job publicly often, but it is with good reason, so bear with me one more time.

I have to give a little background before getting into my little story, so here goes. J is the recreation director for a small town. He is his own boss, except for the fact that 5 Selectmen run the town. This is the form of government in most NH towns. They meet each Monday and essentially drive all the big decisions in town. J’s town is very nice. I would even go so far to call it upscale. The school system is just about the best in the state (the governor’s kids go there) and there are a just a lot of benefits to living there. Recreation is one of them. The department is fairly new (

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  1. bdonin says:

    That’s because J is the f’in MAN!

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