The dishes are done, dude

The dishes are done, dude

Crickets? Anyone else hear crickets around here? Sorry for my lack of blogging, but here’s a delayed recap of Thanksgiving weekend. The visit from MamaFashion and SILMeow included:

Dare I say a delish meal??

Lots of Scrabble!

A road trip to Vermont to visit MamaFashion’s old friends. Here we all are the Harpoon Brewery.

Look what we came across in some hodunk Vt town!!!
Another $4.99/lb lobster sale!!

A tour of J’s town and a visit to Marklin Candles, which is the company that made the candle for the Papal Mass in April. J knows the owner and he was kind enough to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of the candle-making process.

Thanks guys for visiting us and for the good memories!

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  1. Kellie says:

    Haha! I just read your comment….so glad I’m not the only one who laughs and cries at things like that! 🙂

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