Music Therapy

Music Therapy

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been blogging lately. I’ve definitely had the blues and there’s a lot of crap going on right now that I don’t feel like broadcasting across the blogosphere. In fact, I think the past week was one of the worst weeks in my life (1).

But I will say, last night, I received some much-needed music therapy (see Kellie, I hear ya!). J got us sold-out tickets for a very intimate concert (150 people max) with Carbon Leaf, quite possibly my favorite band right now. They played some acoustic and a capella, plus told some stories. J and I even talked with the mandolin/guitar player for a bit after the show. I literally cried during the concert because I was so happy. If you haven’t heard them, let me know and I will gladly burn you a CD.

On a funny side note, they are doing the music for Curious George 2!

So, I will try to dig deep and get back into blogging more regularly. And let’s hope things start looking up!

(1) This week was right up there with the week in college when I found out I was being removed from my position of Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, but still had to spend the whole night putting together the issue and act happy for my staff. That same week, my computer crashed and I lost a 10-pg English paper. I’m sure there were other things going on that seem insignificant now.

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  1. I am so sorry you had such a rough week…I too had a HORRIBLE week. We’ll have to catch up soon so we can cry on each other’s shoulders! 🙂

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