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Winter is half over

I certainly don’t have the photography skills that some of my friends have, but I thought this picture was too pretty not to share. It was taken from my office more »

Congrats are in order!

I was so busy wallowing in my “numbness” that I forgot to mention we attended a wedding on Saturday. Guess where it took place? In our living room!!! J’s childhood more »

The things I took for granted

I had a follow-up appt. with my oral surgeon who assured me that the mild pain I still feel will go away eventually, but he cannot be sure I will more »

What are the odds?

The biggest difference between J and I is our luck. He has it all. I have pretty much have none. We balance each other out. So last night we had more »

Generation I can only communicate electronically

I admit I am a little behind the times when it comes to the technology age. I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t Twitter. I hardly text. But I more »

Life below zero

I survived my surgery and my first anesthesia experience. I’m recovering slowly. Don’t really feel like talking about it, but I do feel like pointing out the temperatures we’ve been more »

Crunch, yank, blood.

I have probably the biggest sweet tooth, but I absolutely abhor going to the dentist and always have. Ask my mom. I once ran out onto the street from a more »

Death of the electronics

The good news is they can fix our TV and we may have it back in another week. After paying them $180 of course! As much as we didn’t want more »

Yes, Beef, we do love FREE

You had to know we were all over the ad I saw that a local ski resort was offering free cross-country ski or snowshoe rentals, a free day pass, free more »

Prescription alert!

Just wanted to share the latest money-saving offer, if you haven’t seen it on the news. A few food store chains are allowing you to fill your prescription for generic more »

Single-self behavior

Let me start by saying, I love being married. But, I still love my alone time every once in awhile. J is at one of his famous recreation director conferences. more »

2008 in review

I saw this on some other blogs and thought, why not? Did anyone close to you give birth?Only 11 of our closest friends … Did anyone close to you die?My more »

Back to work

12 days off from work – very, very awesome returning to work after 12 days off – not so awesome But still, I’m thankful for having a job for now. more »

Shock to the heart …

Our 2-year-old flat-screen LCD TV (the one we bought with the gift card my bridesmaid gave us for my bridal shower!) is in the repair shop right now because of more »

Happy 2009!

We returned from our 1,100-mile+ road trip to the tri-state area, which seems to have become an annual event around Christmas! In any case, we visited 3 new babies, a more »