Yes, Beef, we do love FREE

Yes, Beef, we do love FREE

You had to know we were all over the ad I saw that a local ski resort was offering free cross-country ski or snowshoe rentals, a free day pass, free lessons and free guided tours.

So Saturday, we headed up to King Pine Ski Area in northern NH. And for real guys, we rented XC skis for FREE! Then, they gave us lessons for FREE! Wait, there’s more. We went off in a group of 4 on a guided tour of all the nordic trails! It was awesome!

There really were no catches, aside from the fact that J and I are now definitely hooked on XC skiing. We dabbled in it last winter using our landlords’ skis from the 1970s. But as with every sport we’ve taken up, we rarely take the lessons before doing it and develop bad habits (i.e., kayaking). So the lessons were eye-opening and oh-so-helpful.

And we’re not experts yet, but maybe after we buy our own skis and spend another winter here, we’ll be close. Because I’m convinced, you really do need to take up a winter sport to survive the winters here … we just got another 7 inches of snow today!

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  1. Creegs says:

    it’s not to say that free is bad, but it’s amazing (and awesome) that you guys always seem to find the best “free” things! I could use X-Country Skiing down here in Florida. It’d help drop a few lbs, that’s for sure!

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