What are the odds?

What are the odds?

The biggest difference between J and I is our luck. He has it all. I have pretty much have none. We balance each other out.

So last night we had a soccer game. My mouth is mostly healed, aside from the lingering numbness in my lips and chin (a story for another day). I felt good Wednesday. I decided I would play. J tried to talk me out of it. In the car on the way over there, I said to him, “I’m not so much worried about getting hit with the ball in the face, but just about exerting energy after I’ve been drugged and weak for the past few days. Besides, what are the odds that the ball will hit me in the exact spot on my face?”

Well, the odds, of course, were not in my favor. Because I got hit in the face with the ball. Not just the face, but the lower left side, exactly where the wisdom tooth was extracted 6 days earlier. The impact was so hard it took me off my feet. Funny thing about odds, huh?

I actually had one of the roughest games I’ve ever had. Not only did I get wailed in the face with the ball, but another player and I collided and actually rolled together on the field. J thought we were making out or something. My entire left side is bruised. Nice.

J, on the other hand, scored a goal. Played goalie for half the game and only let in 2 goals. You know, ’cause he has all the luck!

2 responses to “What are the odds?”

  1. tommy's mommy says:

    You know that was God telling you to get your butt back in bed–right? Or at least in a chair. Not on a soccer field!!!

  2. Creegs says:

    only let in two?!?! That’s a lot! He’s terrible in net!

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