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Guest Blogger

Democrat, Republican or Independent, the 2009 inauguration marked a very historic event. BossLady was one of the millions of people who attended and I asked her to document her attendance. more »

Trying to be a good (cough) Catholic girl

For the 3rd year in a row, I am giving up iced tea for Lent. You might think that’s a cop-out going back to the same sacrifice year after year. more »

These boots are made for walking … in the snow

For those of you who know me, you know I HATE shopping. Mainly it’s because I hate spending money and I like getting the most out of what I buy. more »

Beer & Tunes

We’re still on our quest to hit all the breweries in VT, but we also don’t want to miss the ones in NH. So this weekend, we ventured to Keene more »

Size never mattered so much

After nearly 2 months, we got our refurbished TV back. Although we survived and proved our test for a life without TV, we are happy to have it back. It’s more »

I don’t purposely try to embarrass myself

Last night, my kickboxing partner laughed and told me that I look like I am riding a pony while trying this one move. I can assure you, when I see more »

Thank goodness we don’t have children

McKinely has an appt. at the vet tomorrow to get his annual feline distemper vaccine and J said, “but why? His temper is fine!” ***UPDATE … Mr. McKinley’s temper is more »

Lucky 13

I haven’t had anything blog-worthy to say lately and I apologize to my THREE blog readers, LOL. But I will say, I love Friday the 13th. And we have one more »


Well, Sunday was WARM. By our standards. 46 degrees!!!! We still have most of our snow, but at least some of these badasses have disappeared. more »

Friday randomness

I owe my 5 blog readers some updates, so prepare for bullets on Friday! • I got most of the feeling back in my lower lip/chin. I will see oral more »

A blast from the past

I had a great weekend down at my sister’s and we decided to take my niece and nephew for a “drive” down to Jersey (no small feat) to visit my more »