Size never mattered so much

Size never mattered so much

After nearly 2 months, we got our refurbished TV back. Although we survived and proved our test for a life without TV, we are happy to have it back. It’s only 27 inches, but it looks so DARN BIG. I guess that’s what happens when you get used to squinting to see a 13-inch screen.

As for our opinion of Best Buy, it has certainly plummeted. I don’t know which is worse, that they failed to call us with the updates or that their 17 different “managers” gave us 17 different quotes. All I know is we almost wish they were the ones going out of business instead of Circuit City!! But, such is life. It’s really the only place you can go for electronic needs, so we excuse us as we moan and grumble.

2 responses to “Size never mattered so much”

  1. Sara says:

    Best Buy has a TERRIBLE return policy too!

  2. plavigne says:

    Yes they do! And, I heard from someone else that they advertise prices online, but when you go in the store, there are different prices. You actually have to REQUEST the price match, then the sales associate will look up the online price and match it. If you didn’t do your research, you could get screwed. I used to be a big fan of BB, but not any longer.

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