I thawt I saw a putty cat …

I thawt I saw a putty cat …

On our drive home from the Great North Monday, I spotted a moose, but I’m not satisfied yet.

I am on the lookout all the time. It is my goal to see a moose before we move out of NH. Just like it was my goal to see a rattlesnake and a tarantula in AZ. Incidentally, I didn’t see those creatures until AFTER I moved out of AZ and was back in the Southwest for a visit.

While I might have seen my moose, I am not counting it. He was really far in the distance and we were driving in the snowstorm. I have no physical evidence for the spotting. So my quest continues for Bullwinkle. This summer, we have a 4-day backpacking trip planned up in the Maine wilderness and if I don’t see, let alone run into, a moose then, I’ll be darned.

J of course likes to remind me that he saw a moose every day when he lived in AK. With my luck, though, I wouldn’t even see the moose there!

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