A fun Tuesday night out

A fun Tuesday night out

As if we didn’t spend enough money this weekend out at our pub crawl, J and I decided to do something different Tuesday night.

We’ve been trying to go more this winter to the indoor rock climbing gym in Manchester, that way maybe this summer, we’ll actually feel prepared to climb outside and check out what NH has to offer!! Tuesday nights are ladies’ nights=cheap climbing. The pictures show the 4-story elevator shaft you can climb in.

So this time, though, we took our climbing night out a step further and went OUT to dinner after climbing. Gasp, I know. Two nights in one week. Tisk, Tisk. Anyways, one of our local Mexican restaurants hosts a “full moon party” with specials and prizes. While I love Mexican food, even when it is from an East-coast chain, we ended up getting wings to eat last night. They were 11 cents each!!! I might add they were very tasty coming out of a “mexican” restaurant! We didn’t win any prizes, but it was a pretty cool night out.

2 responses to “A fun Tuesday night out”

  1. Sara says:

    Needless to say.. I am JEALOUS! (of the dinner not the scary elevator shaft!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    mmmm, was that the same mexican restaurant where all the yankee haters were getting on my case during the play offs game? 🙂

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