Looks like we’re staying in NH at least one more year …

Looks like we’re staying in NH at least one more year …

I know some people got our relief phone call or text, but for everyone else, J’s job is safe for another year!

And actually, it was a lot of worry for nothing. Not that recreation didn’t come up, but no one actually proposed to cut it completely. They just basically complained that it existed. It’s better that we were prepared for the worst though. Highlights of the 5-hour meeting:
The town voted down employee COLA raises. So no 3% for J.
The town voted to keep summer camp (209-177).
The town voted to take away J’s capital reserve fund (that was meant to eventually buy a recreation van).
The town voted against pay-as-you-throw (212-215).

As far as town meetings go, I learned a ton (and made good money) being the official secretary. I learned that only a small percentage of people actually come out and vote. There are 4,658 registered voters in J’s town. About 500 came out to make the decisions. Kind of appalling in my opinion! I learned that you can pretty much propose anything as long as you have 5 signatures on a piece of paper. I learned that some people like to talk just to hear themselves.

Anyways, we survived another town meeting. It’s safe now for everyone to book their flights to visit (Beef)!

3 responses to “Looks like we’re staying in NH at least one more year …”

  1. Creegs says:

    Congrats! That’s great news. Now if you guys could find someone to make a late night “run” with me when I’m up there, that’d make the trip complete.

  2. plavigne says:

    Beef, you will have NO problem finding the white powder … it’s all around us right now!!

  3. Sara says:

    where was my relief phonecall/text? jk CONGRATS!

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