I have a window in my office that faces our awesome backyard. Fairly often, our landlord’s cats (and other neighborhood cats) sit outside my window on our porch roof. Mind you, my office is on the third floor of the converted barn we live in, so it’s no small feat for the cats to get to this spot. They have to come from other side of the barn and walk a fine line across the slanted roof. Talk about living on the edge, but I suppose nothing can stop someone in love …
Here’s what happens:
I see or hear the cat at the window. Sometimes I hear the pitter patter across the roof. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the cat and it scares the bejeebies out of me.
If Mr. McKinely is not already there (he has an incredible ear), I will let him know his date has arrived and he comes running with excitement.
Mr. McKinley: prr, prr, prr
Other cat: hiss, hiss, hiss
Mr. McKinley: prr, prr, prr
Other cat: hiss, hiss, hiss (while jumping at the window)

Mr. McKinley: prr, prr, prr

Isn’t love grand? Or maybe just blind.

I often feel like J and I are overprotective parents who won’t let their kid outside to play. But McKinley has always been an indoor kitty (we stripped him of his front claws when we got him … I know, shame on us). But we do let him out on our deck (um, supervised of course). He doesn’t seem to mind only having brief outings and loves sitting in the windows watching as the other cats frolick. They’re all, “Look at me! I’m playing! Eating grass! Oh look! I caught a bird! And I’m eating it!” And he’s like, “yeah fool. My parents love me. That’s right. There’s real love here. By the way, watch out for that skunk behind you.”

2 responses to “Frenemies”

  1. Sara says:

    Hee Hee Hee from one cat lover to another! Very good!

  2. Anonymous says:

    that is too cute!!! 🙂 don’t feel bad. i don’t let my cat out either. he loves to sit at the window too. i think that’s enough.

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