Lightening strikes twice?

Lightening strikes twice?

I went to Boston today to take another medical writing class toward my certification. I know, such a fun thing to do on a beautiful spring Saturday. But it’s worth it. Anyways, whenever we go to Boston, we make 2 pitstops.
2) Baja Fresh — EPIC FAIL!
I pull up to the Baja Fresh today and there’s a sign on the door that says “lost lease.” What the eff???? No notice of a relocation. And their Web site still lists that location as open! Not a happy camper. Now we have less of a reason to go to Boston …

The kicker of it all is that this is the second time a Baja Fresh closed on us unexpectantly. A few years back when we lived in Danville, we used to go to Greensboro to get our Baja fix. One night we were in Greensboro for something, and of course stopped at the Baja. Big sign on the door saying “sorry to our faithful customers, but we had to close due to a lack of interest.”

Waaaaaah!!! It’s like losing your best friend, I tell you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you know why your restaurant isn’t there anymore? because it realized boston sucks! 🙂 ok, had to get that out there.

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