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Don’t be late, recreate.

I have to rag on J once again, well because it’s one of my favorite things to do. He has a meeting today with other NH parks and recreation directors. more »

A beautiful summer weekend … in April

The mercury in the thermometer surged well into the 80s this weekend, so we did our best to enjoy the outdoors. I do think NH may have skipped some of more »

Restitution checks

Gather round kiddos, it’s story time. When we were in Danville this month, I had a strange piece of mail waiting in the mailbox. Mind you, we stopped our mail more »

Love your planet

I’m doing my part for Earth Day by sitting on the computer all day. How awesome of me. I am loving these e-cards, but I am not straying too far more »

Cheap, stingy, thrifty …

I am the first to admit I am all of those things. I’ve always been and always will be. I get a rise out of bargains and saving money. But more »

Home Sweet Home

While on business in Orlando, I ran into two things: Gators. Did you know they are 90% muscle? And Beef. Did you know he is 90% muscle too?? As for more »

Sex in the Suburbs

Last night, I had a little GNO with theAccountant and Hallmark4ever at Jose Tejas while I was in NJ for 40 hours. And let me tell you, it was like more »

Arson, robbery and moonshine—Just Easter in Danville

J checks the Danville paper every morning online all the while fearing that he will read something about our house in it. Last Wednesday, that worst nightmare was realized. The more »

Parks and Rec and pipes

For anyone who wants to understand what J does for a living, don’t watch the new NBC show Parks and Recreation on Thursday. Okay, maybe watch it, but do so more »

April Foolishness

It came and went and no one played any jokes! How disappointing. For those of you who know my husband know he pretty much plays an April Fools joke on more »