Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

While on business in Orlando, I ran into two things:

Gators. Did you know they are 90% muscle?

And Beef. Did you know he is 90% muscle too??

As for the gators, they were in my hotel, which was pretty spectacular. Probably one of my top 5. But very, very expensive. My employer is NOT going to be happy about my meal tab.

I’m back home now for the first time since last Thursday and it feels good. It’s time to turn on my single-self behavior because J is gone for the next 2 nights!! He went to see the Dead (again) with PanicMan, one of his Prep boys. Yes, I realize he did just see the Dead last weekend, but if he could, he would be following the whole damn tour! Next up for him, the Phish reunion! Did I ever mention that J and I have opposite tastes in music?

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