A beautiful summer weekend … in April

A beautiful summer weekend … in April

The mercury in the thermometer surged well into the 80s this weekend, so we did our best to enjoy the outdoors. I do think NH may have skipped some of its spring, because at the beginning of this week, we were still in the 40s/50s. But whatever.

My goal to do more races in 2009 is off to a good start. I’m already one up on 2008. I did my first 5K in a long time on Friday evening. J wanted so bad to join me, but I forbade him, telling him he would surely injure himself since he hadn’t been running in 2 weeks. Secretly I didn’t want him in the race because I knew he’d smoke my 29-minute time. Gone are the days when I ran a 5K in 23 minutes!!! There’s another one in a few weeks, so I think we’ll both do it.

We took the kayaks out for a 10-mile cruise of the Contoocook River. We didn’t see anyone until we stopped for lunch at one of the beaches along the way. That’s when 2 others motor boats pulled up! Still, it was glorious and I think I was enjoying the scenery too much because I didn’t remember to take any pictures until the end.

Saturday night, we went to one of our infamous dances. Our getup was not really photo-worthy this time. The theme was “flower power,” but I only told J the flower part. Then he got all bummed later thinking about all the ways he could portray “flower power.” I don’t think anyone was really disappointed in our “normal” outfits.

Sunday, we did a real spring cleaning and aired out the whole house. Boy was that refreshing.

Overall, we spent a great deal of time eating meals on our deck and enjoying the warm temperatures. You never know in NH, winter could return with a vengeance!

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    You guys are just too cute…


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