Because of swine, no wine

Because of swine, no wine

At Mass yesterday, the priest announced we would not exchange the sign of peace (which involves hand shaking, for the non-Catholics) and they would not offer the wine (blood). For the creature-of-habit church-goer, this was quite odd, but good I suppose. But see, I am one of wholesome faith who always believed that since the wine is blessed when turned into blood, there are no germs! Wouldn’t God protect us from the swine??? Not J, though. He won’t touch the wine (blood) would a 10-foot pole even when the whole country is healthy.

2 responses to “Because of swine, no wine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Same thing at my church too! Look at it this way… we get out of Mass earlier! Hold on, you two went to Mass this weekend??? OMG!!!

  2. Shayna says:

    That’s weird. It’s not like there’s much threat of swine in your town. Now here, on the other hand, I could understand it more.

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