Class of 2009 vs. Class of 1950

Class of 2009 vs. Class of 1950

J got the high school seniors in his town to host a Senior Prom for the real seniors in town.

The HS seniors taught the seniors the dance for “Cotton Eye Joe.”
The real seniors taught some line dancing.All in all, every senior loved it!

PS – If I live to be 80-something (God help me), I want to be like this lady.

5 responses to “Class of 2009 vs. Class of 1950”

  1. That is just too dang cute…you guys are awesome!

  2. Sara says:

    What do you mean 80?!?!?! Your working on 20 years left, right? does J know of your short life plan 🙂

  3. plavigne says:

    Yes, at this point, J & I have both decided that 50-60 is probably a good age to kick it. Of course, we may change our minds as time goes on … Didn't I used to say that 30 was my max????!!!!

  4. Shayna says:

    That’s so cute that the high school kids did that for the old foggies! And I agree with Sara, 80 is waaaay past your intended lifespan.

  5. tommy's mommy says:

    That is so sweet–J is good at his job!

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