Ahoy Mate!

Ahoy Mate!

A long time ago, we invited a bunch of J’s friends (and SOs) up for Memorial Day weekend. We reserved a boat and told them we’d get our boating license.

All of the sudden, Memorial Day weekend was not but 2 weeks away and we never did get that pesky license. So this weekend J and I crammed and crammed to study for the boating license test (hence the lack of any TV watching). It was damn hard! Who knew there were so many boating rules … It took us a few practice tests at home before we passed and after more studying, we finally passed the real test Sunday! Anchors up.

Come Thursday night, this house will be turned into party central with 5 visitors from 3 states. And hopefully the weather does what it’s supposed to do so all the boat studying can pay off on Lake Winnepasaukee Saturday …

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