Having visitors this past weekend and spending some time outdoors reminded me that summertime is here and I’m excited (despite the fact that it is 45 degrees out and raining here – gotta love NH weather).

We have lots of visitors lined up again this summer. J’s mom and sisters will probably all visit separately. My sister and her fam will be coming. And lots of friends for long weekends.

We also have a few trips on the horizon. I’m going to Phoenix for work at the end of June. I wouldn’t so much call that a vacation since I won’t want to go outside the whole time I’m there … In July, we are kayaking to an island for 2 days of camping and exploring. In August, we are heading up to Baxter State Park in Maine, where we will backpack for 2 days and attempt to summit Mt. Katahdin (see below). If I don’t see a moose there, so help me God … Then, of course, there’s Crabfest V in Maryland in August. I’m sure we’ll squeeze a number of other overnight camping and kayaking trips in there. And summer will go so fast!!

But I’m still trying to convince J to do another vacay. Something a little more risky and different. We shall see.

Anyways, make me jealous … tell me about your summer plans!

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  1. Yeah! A Phoenix trip! Can you squeeze me in while you’re here?

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