I’m such a girl. A teenage girl that is.

I’m such a girl. A teenage girl that is.

I didn’t think anything could make me want to go back to high school. I hated high school with a passion. I walked away from the experience with some very good friends that I keep close in my pocket, but I shudder to think about reliving the awful experience of adolescence.

Then I read Twilight and I so want to be Bella. Back in HS in a cool place like Forks (much cooler than Roxbury) where a vampire falls in love with me. Why didn’t that happen to me?? I had a puppet master and an Italian stallion fall in love with me in HS, but that’s about all.

I don’t jump on many bandwagons, but I did jump on the Twilight one. It took me awhile, but I’m ready for the full ride now. I’m almost done with the first book in the series and I’m hungry for more, no pun intended.Did I mention that I big puffy heart Edward? I dream about him every night. Shh, don’t tell J.

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  1. Jennifer Y. says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG–finally!!!! Another person to obsess over Twilight with. We read Twilight for our book club a few months ago. I quickly read the other three. Love it!!! Hmmm… can you tell I’m obsessed? Bought the movie the day it came out. Had a Twilight movie party with my book club, complete with “Cullen family baseball cookies” (you need to join facebook, so you can see my cool pics), “Bloody Bellas” (cherry slushies), “Forbidden Fruit” (apples), and “Jacob’s Puppy Chow” (popcorn). I’m also reading the series for the second time and watched the movie for about the 5th time last night with my friend who is equally obsessed.

    Welcome to the club, we will have much to discuss.

  2. Jennifer Y. says:

    Oh, and PS – I big puffy heart Jacob!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This chump does not sound like that other great guy you always write about…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    *Ahem* Puppet masters are way better than vampires cause we’re good with our hands.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Puppeteers also know what to do with a rod. 😉

  6. plavigne says:

    I’m on book 2!!!!

    Maybe if Stephanie Meyer could use her awesome writing skills to describe the character of a puppet master, recreation director or whatever the same way she describes the character of a vampire, then I would have an equal level of giddiness. Or maybe I will become a successful novelist just like her someday and describe all the people I knew in my life with the same talent …

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who the heck was the puppet master and Italian Stallion? Please dish!- Quick ?

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